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API/WebServices – Back End Manual & Automation – Regular Batch – (31st Oct 2019)

WebServices – Back End API Manual & Automation Training Course Content

Next Batch Starting from: 31st Oct, 2019 (Thursday)

Duration: 5-6 Weeks

Location: Online

  • 9:30 PM IST (Indian Time)
  • 12 PM EST (Eastern Time)
  • 9 AM PST (Pacific Time)
  • 5 PM UK TIME
Registration Fee: 3000 INR (50 USD)

Course Fee
  • 16500 INR (For Candidates in India)
  • 300 USD (For Candidates in US/UK/NZ/AUS/Europe)

  • There will be 2 demo sessions. If you don’t like the sessions or if you want to leave. Full Registration amount will be refunded back to you.
  • After 2 demo sessions, pending amount (13500 INR/250 USD) must be paid.
  • Only for old API students: If you want to rejoin this batch, you need to pay 3000 INR/50 USD registration fee, No need to pay full fee.
  • For any query, whats app me at: +91-9902233400.

~~~ For more information, please refer this course content: Please fill your details here:

Here I’m sharing the bank account details. Please send me the receipt once you make the payment without fail.

Please find below bank details: You can make the transaction directly to the given account or make it via Western Union.

Bank Details:
To Account
Bank Name
Branch Location

IFSC Code: UTIB0000256     

For Candidates in India:
You can make the payment via Tez (Google PAY) UPI also to this number: +91-9902233400. UPI: naveenanimation20@okicici OR Google IDnaveenanimation20@gmail.com

Syllabus Course Content:

Manual Testing of WebServices/API:

  1. Introduction of API and WebServices:
    1. What is API
    2. What is WebService
    3. What is Backend Architecture
    4. Rest vs SOAP APIs
    5. What is CRUD operation
    6. What are different HTTP Calls – GET/POST/PUT/Delete
    7. Different Live Projects Examples
  2. Postman:
    1. Introduction
    2. How to call Rest API in Postman
    3. How to pass path parameter in Request
    4. How to pass query parameter in Request
    5. How to set Headers in Postman
    6. How to pass JSON/XML Payload
    7. How to check response status code
    8. How to check JSON/XML response message
    9. What is response header
    10. Cookies manipulation
    11. Header Presets
    12. API History in Postman
  3. Advance Postman/Newman:
    1. Introduction of Newman
    2. Newman installation/setup
    3. How to run collections from Newman
    4. Newman command line options
    5. Generate HTML Test Report
    6. Create a collection and folders
    7. maintenance of API collections
    8. Postman Console and logs
    9. Test Script in postman
    10. Pre Request Script in postman
    11. Test Code snippet in postman
    12. Monitoring of APIs
    13. API Documentation
    14. API Documentation in different programming languages
    15. Publish Documentation
    16. Setup Environment – Local and Global
    17. Collection Runner
    18. Collection Test Summary
    19. Creating a Mock Server for APIs
    20. How to create a team workspace
    21. How to create individual workspace
    22. Import in Postman
    23. Basic and Advanced Settings in Rest Client
    24. Running postman collection with Docker
    25. Running postman collection with Jenkins
  4. How to check APIs at the network layer using developer tools of browser:
    1. How to check Backend services – APIs running behind
    2. What is developer tool in Chrome
    3. How to check request/response of any API in Firefox/Chrome browsers
  5. What are different HTTP Status Response Codes:
    1. 100 series
    2. 200 series
    3. 300 series
    4. 400 series
    5. 500 series

Automation Testing of Back End/APIs:

  1. Learn HTTP Client API:
    1.  All CRUD – GET/POST/PUT/Delete Calls
    2. How to send Request with Payloads
    3. What is JSON Payload
    4. How to validate JSON response using JSON Parsers
    5. How to do Basic Auth with HTTP Client
    6. How to do OAuth with Http Client
  1. Learn Rest Assured Client API:
    1. Introduction of Rest Assured
    2. Rest Assured methods: GET/POST/PUT/Delete
    3. Handle different payloads using POJO and JSON/XMLs
    4. Handle Authentication using Basic Auth, Digest Auth, Preemptive Auth, Bearer Token, Authorization Token, OAuth1 and OAuth2
    5. All core features of Rest Assured Library:
      1. GET/POST/PUT/DELETE – BDD Approaches
        1. What is GIVEN/WHEN/THEN/AND methods
        2. What is LOG and ALL methods
        3. How to ASSERT in Rest Assured
        4. How to verify Status Code, Response Body and Headers
        6. What is ResponseBuilderSpec and RequestSpecification Concept
        7. What is JSON PATH
        8. What is EXTRACT method
        9. How to send a POST CALL with JSON String, JSON File and using Java (POJO) Class.
        10. What is Serialization and De-Serialization
        11. How to use HAMCREST – Assertion Library
      2. GET/POST/PUT/DELETE – NON-BDD Approaches
    6. New End to End Framework using Rest Assured
    7. Reporting : Extent Report/TestNG Report/Allure Report

  1. API functional Testing using Jmeter Tool (only functional part)
    • Download and Installation of Jmeter
    • How to test APIs using Jmeter
    • Request and Response handling in Jmeter
     9. Basics of SOAP UI Tool
    • Download and Installation of SOAP UI tool
    • How to create a Project in SOAP UI
    • How to create a Test Suite in SOAP UI
    • How to create different Test Cases in SOAP UI
    • Different Assertions in SOAP UI

10. Maven: Build Automation Tool
    • Run your API Automation Framework from Maven
    • Different commands in Maven

11. TestNG (TDD) Framework for API automation

12. GIT Repo:

    • Create a New Repo
    • Clone a Repo
    • GIT PUSH
    • GIT PULL
    • GIT Check OUT

13. How to run API automation using DOCKER – Jenkins – CI tool (Continuous Integration)
    • Integration of API Automation with CI-CD process
    • Running test cases from Jenkins

14. Life Time Free Access on all Videos/Recordings

    Naveen AutomationLabs

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