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Role of a Tester in Scrum – Agile Process

Role of a tester in Release and Sprint Planning:

Understand user stories and acceptance criteria
User stories get clarified from the respective stakeholders where there is insufficient information
High level test strategy has to be decided for whole release
All the risk that might occurs at the time of release needs to be noted or documented
Number of testing types need to be decided and discussed
Estimate time for each user story test case creation and execution
Break user stories into different testing tasks
Decide each story test coverage
Acceptance criteria for user stories needs to be defined

Understand and plan for user stories automation and support various levels of testing

Customer satisfaction through delivery of high-quality software which is earlier and continuous is highest priority
Engagement is early during the project from sprint planning but the QA activities are same
Business people, developers, and testers must work together throughout the project
Discuss and understand each user story with stakeholders and then decide on acceptance criteria for the same
Welcome changing requirements. Tester needs to be adaptable to any changes
Define activities for themselves to estimate time, updating test cases as and when changes appear, complete testing within the sprint time etc.
Story level estimation needs to be done and time needs to be assigned for each story
Test Cases needs to be developed as per the story acceptance criteria and needs to be change whenever there is a change in story
Deliver high quality software iteratively from a couple of weeks to a couple of months
QA needs to track the progress of testing on a daily basis with continuous feedback

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