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Hey Guys, I am Naveen – Automation Architect. I love automating everything 🙂 If I see anyone doing repeated tasks for hours, then I can not sleep peacefully on that day unless I automate that!! I am passionate about creating custom tools for team’s productivity/process improvement, building test automation frameworks from scratch / setting up the test infrastructure & CI/CD pipelines. Huge fan of JVM technologies, JMeter, Selenium-WebDriver & QTP/UFT. 


Excellent session. But whenever you tell that they ask in interview, I am like Yes have to keep this in mind. Then you tell how you asked the same thing while taking an interview, And trust me the first thought that comes to my mind is "God! If I go for an interview and I get to know that Naveen Khunteta is taking the interview, I'll excuse myself telling, 'I need to use the Washroom' and then i'll run off from there. I don't know why but I am sure, interview with you would be very scary, How much ever prepared I am for it. Hahaha...
Mithalee Pardeshi
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Hello Naveen, you’re indeed a great guy, I came across your videos and shared it with colleagues and everyone that watched it always appreciate your concept of making it public for free. Thank you for making out time to create this video and all your wonderful support, hope to hear from you soon.
Augustine Nliam
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