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A Quick Introduction About Karate DSL

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According to worldwide Google Trends of the IT sector, the demand for well-trained API (Backend) testing professionals has increased substantially.

With the growing need of API testing, the tools and technologies are progressing hand-in-hand which focuses on improving performance, ease-of-use, reliability and accessibility

Why Karate DSL is the best tool for API Automation ?

Karate DSL is becoming a fore-runner of the tools and technologies available, fulfilling all these parameters in a short period of time.

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With 4.4K GitHub stars and 1.1K GitHub forks, Karate DSL is progressively becoming popular amongst the QA community.

It is an Open Source Web-Services Test Automation Solution that integrates in a unified framework API test-automation, performance-testing and even UI automation.

It is developed on top of Cucumber-JVM, which enables us to build API-based BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) test scenarios for testing which means Gherkin becomes the primary programming language.

However, unlike the BDD framework, Karate DSL has omitted step-definition file writing efforts for the corresponding feature file i.e. we can execute the feature file comprising of all the test cases without defining step-definition file with the help of TestRunner class.

In addition to these benefits, there are numerous points of interest recorded below:

  • Karate DSL uses english-like language – Gherkin.
  • Powerful JSON & XML assertions along with “deep-equals” payload assertions. 
  • You do not need to write additional “glue” code or Java “step definitions” Java. 
  • Parallel execution feature offered by Karate in turn reduces the test execution time. Hence, making it a very fast API testing tool
  • For large responses, data validation becomes easier by “match” keyword.
  • Data-driven tests that can also use sources from JSON or CSV
  • Even for non-programmers, tests are simple to write, i.e. it is based on the common Cucumber / Gherkin standard with syntax colouring options.

Looking at the wide range of Karate DSL features, aren’t you curious about learning and using this awesome tool?

In my forthcoming blog, let us explore Karate in depth along with its setup and configurations.

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Till then stay safe and Happy Learning !!! 

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Author: Priyanka Brahmane

Priyanka is an Automation tech enthusiast having an industry expertise of more than 6 years with a special bent for Karate DSL and Web Automation.
She is a staunch believer in the “one is always a learner” theory.
She can be connected on LinkedIn and follow me on Medium.
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